Screening stories: Isabella

Isabella Tennent volunteered to be part of the Don't Skip Your Screening campaign because she knows first-hand how important early detection can be. 

Isabella said: “Thirty years ago, I felt a lump in my breast. My GP told me it was unlikely to be anything to worry about, but referred me for investigations anyway. It turns out it was an aggressive kind of breast cancer, but because it had been caught so early, the surgeon was able to take it all away. I didn’t even need any chemotherapy and I’ve been healthy ever since.

“I was lucky – it’s so important to examine your breasts regularly, but not all lumps can be felt, so that’s why it’s vital to go for your breast screening. I’ve never missed a screen. It’s nothing to be scared of – some people worry that it’ll be painful but it’s just a little bit uncomfortable. Screening gives you the confidence of knowing that any lumps that you might not be able to feel yourself will be picked up.

“I’m proof that you can survive breast cancer and live a long and healthy life.”