Real stories
Guide to mobile breast screening unit
Have you been invited to a screening at a mobile unit? Are you nervous about what to expect? What will happen at your screening? All these questions and more are answered in this tour of one of the mobile breast screening units
Jackie's story
“No matter if you’re disabled or not, still go for your screening.” Hear from Jackie as she talks about her experience and the helpful support she got during her screening.
Kim's story (part 2)
Just because your family has no history of breast cancer, it shouldn’t stop you from going to your screening, hear from Kim on why there should be no excuses to skip your screening:
Pamela's story (Part 2)
"If they've seen one boob, they've seen a million boobs!" Pamela has some advice to anyone who has ever skipped a screening or is worried about attending a future screening.
Margaret's story
Hear from Margaret who has been screened at a mobile unit 5 times and urges people not to skip their screening for any reason
Pamela's story
Don’t make excuses to miss your screening, it could save your life.
Kim's story
Hear from Kim who realised that any discomfort she might feel, will go away. If you don't get screened then there's no comparison to the discomfort you could end up feeling.
Cervical Screening Information Videos
What is a cervical screening test?
Cervical screening (or the smear test) is relevant for everyone aged 25-64 with a cervix. Watch our animation to find out what to expect when you go for screening.
Bowel Screening Information Videos
How to do the bowel cancer screening test
Your guide to the bowel cancer screening test in Scotland. Find out how to do the test including how to collect the sample and what happens after the test.